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Electronic enclosure manufacturers may not play the most glamorous role in industry, but they can take comfort in the fact that their contribution to industry is essential. Their products are comparatively simple, but their products’ applications are not at all trivial. There would be no electronic devices without electronic enclosures, so manufacturers of electronic enclosures can be seen as key supports in our industrial infrastructure. Consider for a moment what electronic enclosures do. The best way of conceptualizing this is to think of the electronic enclosure that is likely to be nearest to you.

If you’re in an office building, the nearest electronic enclosure could be as close as a few rooms away. They are used often to protect sensitive network utilities such as routers and servers. This is especially true in the case of larger offices, and it can also be true in industrial and institutional settings as well. Nearby electronic enclosures also could be used to house circuit breakers or other utilities related to the distribution and control of the flow of electricity within a building. Circuit breakers and fuse boxes are installed in every home in America, and they wouldn’t exist without electronic enclosures.

Think about what would happen without these enclosures. The sensitive electronic components within the enclosures would be exposed to all kinds of hazards. These hazards could have several consequences for the equipment; these consequences range from equipment failure to fires. If exposed to moisture, dust, dirt or accidental impact, electronic devices can fail and even become hazardous. Simple electronic enclosures, which can be constructed of a few layers of metal or plastic, protect devices from hazards, ensuring their safe and effective operation and allowing for the reliable use of electronic devices by all of us.

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